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Free Food in Brooklyn!!

30 Mar

I know it’s not Manhattan but when free food is on offer I myself would consider venturing to Brooklyn! Below I’ve found some restaurants that either have heavily discounted food and snacks or better yet its free! So for the sake of $2.25 you could have yourself a ‘Pizza Pie’ 🙂

Free wings on Monday from 5pm until they’re gone!

Cheese and cracker spread on Wednesday!

Bagel and cream cheese spread on Sundays to compliment Bloody Mary specials.

Location: 228 Atlantic Ave., Cobble Hill, (718) 488-0430

It’s a bit of a trek to Bay Ridge but happy hour goes from, 5 to 7 can get you cheap drinks and free food every day

Location: 8703 Fifth Ave., Bay Ridge, (718) 833-5180

Fee popcorn is just the tip of the iceberg! Everyday at 6 the bar orders a pizza from nearby Triangolo and puts out a salami and cheese spread.

On Sundays, come early for free bagels.

Locations: 1025 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, (718) 349-2340

Free happy hour hot buffet Monday-Friday at 5 pm featuring a rotating selection of food to tide you over till dinner, including French fries, lasagna, meatloaf, grilled cheese or quesadillas.

Location: 71 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene (718) 797-7606

Free pizza with every drink purchase

Location: 600 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg, (718) 809-4440

Free pizza with every drink purchase

Location: 113 Franklin St., Greenpoint, (718)383-6000

Before sitting down at this Italian restaurant, make sure you stop by the bar where buying your first beer earns you a free small pizza.

Location: 347 Court St., Carroll Gardens, (718)243-1000

Pizza delivered every Sunday at 1, 3, 5 and 9

Location: 90 South 4th St,, Williamsburg, (718)248-7478

Saturdays and Sundays during the summer, the bars hosts barbecues with hamburgers and hot dogs (meat and veggie) throughout the summer. Free with a drink.

Location: 462 Union Ave., Williamsburg, (718) 599-4999

When the weather gets warm, the grill is open Friday through Sunday starting at 5pm, serving free burgers and dogs.

Location: 351 Kent Ave., Williamsburg, (718)599-3052

Pizza at The Charleston cost $1!



29 Mar

We may be strapped for cash but it doesn’t mean we have to look the part! With New York’s prices most will spend a fortune on looking fabulous…but not us! allows you to book multiple appointments with the click of a button! Not only does this site act as a one stop shop for all your beauty appointments but each one is at a discounted price! We all know that today’s beauty regeme is a complete domino effect! First it starts with the hair, then nails, then your make up , as well as lashes and before you know it your’ve speant an absolute fortune in an effort to look like Kim Kardashian!

Well if that’s the case I have the answer…find hair appointments, waxing, spa’s, manicures, pedicures, massages, etc  by simply logging on to and creating a free log in. From there you have the freedom to view AMAZING offers under each catigories, depending on what you are after!

Like most discount sites you have the ability to refine your search depending on your budget, whether its a haircut for $30 or $90! Prices, reviews and discounts can be compared across the city, to give you the best deals and have you looking fabulous!

Focused on getting all us New Yorkers looking looking beautiful, has definately become my go-to site when I need to beautify myself or simply need some R&R from the craziness that is New York City! 🙂


27 Mar

Love Sushi but on a budget?? Why not try East Japanese Restaraunt! Follow the link and check out the great deals such as ‘Lets Eat Tuna on Mondays’ or ‘Lets Eat Salmon on Tuesdays’. With prices starting as low as $2 you can enjoy great Sushi on a budget!

Also this place has some great deals for parties! $35 will buy you platters of food as well as unlimited drinks for a party of four!


‘Let’s Eat Tuna on Mondays’’

Lets Eat Salmon on Tuesdays’


366 3rd Ave
(between 26th St & 27th St)
New York, NY 10016

The Happiest Hour in Manhattan!

25 Mar


Looking for a bar that has everything?? Then visit theThe 13th Step’! Fresh out of work men gather at this great bar located at 149 2nd Avenue (Between 9th & 10th Street). No matter what your type is this is the place to go to find a man in the city. With great music and outdoor seating in better whether its the perfect spot to hang out after a long week at work. And to top it all off Happy hour starts from 11.30 am – 8.00pm with the whole bar half price!!

Sex and the City

25 Mar

Want to “Escape From New York” and live the glamorous life of Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda?? Why not visit some of the famous landmarks featured in both the television series and hit movie!

Ever wanted to glide down those brownstone steps and leap into ‘Bigs’ arm. Well now you can…minus Big of course!

Carrie Bradshaws Brownstone

66 Perry Street, Manhattan, NY

East Village

Episode 45: “Hot Child in the City”, Location: St. Mark’s Comics – 11 St. Marks Place

Summary: Carrie tries to pay a visit to her “shoe guy” but discovers that his repair shop has been replaced by a comic book store run by Wade, a 30-something still living with his parents.


Episode 56: “My Motherboard, My Self”, Location: Tekserve – 119 West 23rd Street

Summary: When Carrie’s laptop powers off permanently and friends insist that she should have been backing up her work, she and Aidan bring her pashmina-wrapped computer to this electronics store where she learns she has to just “breathe, and reboot”.

Episode 30: “Ex and the City”, Location: Eleven Madison Park Restaurant – 11 Madison Avenue

Summary: After seeing Big with Natasha, the 20-something “stick figure with no soul” that he met in Paris, Carrie decides to be cordial and invite him to lunch at this restaurant. Her attempt at being friends goes terribly sour when he tells her that he and Natasha are engaged.

Episode 88: “The Ick Factor”, Location: Pete’s Tavern – 129 East 18th Street

Summary: Miranda and Steve finally decide to tie the knot – and Miranda proposes while sitting outside at this NY restaurant.

Episode 42: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Location: The Globe – 158 East 23rd Street

Summary: Miranda tries out speed-dating at this bar but soon realizes that being a lawyer is much less appealing than being a stewardess. She lands a guy by lying about her job.

West Village

Episode 54: “Baby, Talk is Cheap”, Location: Tortilla Flats – 767 Washington Street

Summary: After Carrie sees Aidan at the opening of Scout, a bar he opened with Steve, Carrie realizes that she misses him and wants him back in her life. She asks Miranda to be her “buffer” and sets up a double date with Steve and Aidan at this popular Mexican restaurant.

Midtown East

Episode 51: “Defining Moments”, Location: Monkey Bar – 60 East 54th Street

Summary: In Carrie and Big’s attempt to be friends, they head to this classic NY bar to see a jazz show. Big is noticeably shaken when musician Ray asks for her phone number and a short romance begins between them.

Central Park

Episode 48: “Cock a Doodle Do!”, Location: Central Park Boathouse Restaurant

Summary: Carrie decides to accept Big’s proposal to go to lunch at the Boathouse, an iconic NY restaurant. Upon arrival, she greets him and in their nervousness, they end up falling into the pond together.


Episode 63: “Change of a Dress”, Location: Soho Grand Hotel – 310 West Broadway

Summary: The ladies get dressed in their finest gowns to attend Richard Wright’s “Black and White Ball” charity fundraiser. The night takes a turn for the worse when Samantha discovers that Richard has been seeing other women and Aidan begins to pressure Carrie about marrying him.

Episode 5: “The Power of Female Sex”, Location: Louis K. Meisel Gallery – 141 Prince Street

Summary: Charlotte’s gallery is first introduced in this episode, a place where she works for years. This is the gallery.

Episode 53: “Ghost Town”, Location: Oniels Bar – 174 Grand Street

Summary: Miranda runs into Steve and he tells her that he’s finally opening his own bar, to be named Scout. Carrie gets an invitation to the opening and finds out that Aidan and Steve are business partners. She reluctantly goes to the party and sees Aidan for the first time since their breakup.

Times Square

Episode 65: “A ‘Vogue’ Idea”, Location: Conde Nast Building – 4 Times Square

Summary: After a painful breakup with Aidan, Carrie lands a job writing for Vogue. Her boss Julian takes her under his wing after some painful feedback from Enid, the new editor. Although he saves her job, she decides to work solely with Enid after Julian tries to hit on her in the Vogue accessories closet.

New York City Times Square

Upper East Side

Episode 42: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Location: Church of the Holy Trinity – 316 East 88th Street

Summary: After Carrie finally tells Aidan about her affair with Big, she runs to this church for Charlotte’s wedding to Trey. She has an emotional moment with Aidan outside before joining the girls for pictures on the steps.

Episode 39: “Easy Come, Easy Go”, Location: Stanhope Hotel – 995 Fifth Avenue

Summary: While Aidan strips Carrie’s floors, she heads to a nearby hotel to get some peace and quiet. She gets a frantic call from Big, who meets her in the lobby bar to tell her he misses her.

Episode 60: “Just Say Yes”, Location: 93rd Street between Park and Madison Avenues

Summary: Carrie panics after discovering a “bad ring” in Aidan’s bag, but he kneels in the street here and proposes with a new ring, one that is much more like her.


Episode 34: “Boy, Girl, Boy Girl…”, Location: Chelsea Piers Sky Rink

Summary: Carrie dates Sean, a twenty-something who has a history as a switch-hitter. He takes her on an ice skating date at this rink, where she slowly (and carefully) glides around the ice, cigarette in hand.

Financial District

Episode 31: “Where There’s Smoke…”, Location: Staten Island Ferry

Summary: The beginning of Season 3 starts with a trip to Staten Island to view the New York City Fire Department’s “Calendar Contest”. Carrie meets the politician while judging the contest, and Charlotte yells from the back of the ferry that she’s “getting married this year!”

Staten Island Ferry

Midtown West

Episode 86: “One”, Location: Russian Samovar – 256 West 52nd Street

Summary: After meeting Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky at a gallery, Carrie is invited to a late dinner with him at this NY restaurant.

Episode 20: “The Man, the Myth, the Viagra”, Location: Collins Bar – 735 Eighth Avenue – NOW CLOSED

Summary: Miranda and Carrie have plans to meet for drinks but Carrie ditches her or a night home with Big. Miranda, sitting at the bar alone, argues with her over the phone, sparking a conversation with the bartender, Steve.

Episode 88: “The Ick Factor”, Location: McDonald’s – Corner of 57th and 6th Avenue

Summary: After the Russian surprises her with a hot pink dress and a date at the Met, Carrie feels overwhelmed and faints in the street. They decide to slow things down a bit at McDonald’s – and end up dancing at the cash register.

And of course the ‘New York Publice Library’ where Carrie was left stranded at the alter so to speak,

Location: 455 5th Ave, New York


If you’re a wine lover like myself, you’re going to LOVE this!

24 Mar


Acker Merrall & Condit Co.

Dubbed as “America’s Oldest and Finest Wine Shop” they offer a variety of free tastings throughout the week and on Saturdays. They pride themselves not just on selling wine, creating and sharing the experience and knowledge of wine and what it has to offer.

  • Location: 160 West 72nd Street (between Broadway and Columbus), New York, NY
  • Phone: 212-787-1700
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Tastings usually take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 5pm to 7:30pm, and Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm.


  • Location: 321 Amsterdam Ave at 75th St, New York, NY
  • Phone: 212-501-7687
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Monday through Friday: 6pm to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday: 4pm to 7pm

67 Wine & Spirits

Known as one of Manhattan’s  most popular wine bar, 67 Wine & Spirits is situated on the Upper West side. They provide a wide selection of wine and tastings throughout the week. With the wide knowledge and general ambiance they have won themselves rave reviews from many outlets.

  • Location: 179 Columbus Ave. (at 68th St.) New York, NY
  • Phone: 888-671-6767, 212-724-6767
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Tastings usually take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 4pm and 7pm.

Big Nose, Full Body

With over 300 wines from all over the world, this Brooklyn wine haven has daily free tastings, not to mention major discounts on various bottles of wine.

  • Location: 382 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: 718-369-4030
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Monday through Friday: 5pm to 7pm, Saturdays: 4pm to 6pm

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit

  • Location: 5 W. 19th St. New York, NY
  • Phone: 212-929-2323
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 8pm

Crush Wine & Spirits

  • Location: 153 E 57th St. New York, NY
  • Phone: 212-980-WINE
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Fridays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and special occasions on Thursdays.

Union Square Wines & Spirits

This world class wine bar serve wine from all over the world and it also has tastings for tequila, rum, vodka and champagne. Most of these are free, so check its schedule before heading down for one of its many events during each week.

  • Location: 140 4th Ave. (at 13th St.) New York, NY
  • Phone: 212-675-8100
  • Free Tasting Schedule:
  • Free Tasting Times: Tastings usually take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tasting times vary, so check the event calendar before you stop by.

Columbia Cottage

Ok, so it’s not a swanky wine lounge or boutique but for those of us who are a little short on cash, it’s a great place for some really cheap Chinese food and all the free wine you can drink. Appetizers start at only $1.95 and most entrees are under $10.

Location: 1034 Amsterdam Ave. (at 111th St.)
 New York, NY

For those of You That are more Advanced….

24 Mar

Niketown Running Club offers an excellent way get out and about now that the evenings are longer! It gives you the luxury of a workout with a personal trainer, in an iconic New York City setting, free of charge.  You can group yourself together depending on your level, with options of 3-, 5- and 7-mile runs through Central Park.

Instructors offer a place to check your belongings, a pre-run stretching session, guidance throughout the course and post-run refreshments.


Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9am at Niketown


Niketown, on East 57th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues.