14 Apr

Another great site I found that has discounted services and best of all FREE STUFF!!! Log on to www.tenka.com  and create your own account through your Facebook! Once you’ve logged in, you can browse through the different categories, todays deals, services, food, free deals, drinks, entertainment etc as well as search by location!

Simply add the deal by clicking the ‘+’ sign and it is added to your ‘pocket’. You can only have six coupons in your pocket at one time. Once you’ve added a coupon, the next step is to register your phone,

1. Register your phone so Tenka can turn on SMS redemption and send you instructions
2. At the store, TXT “List” to 718-569-7148. Deals in your pocket will be shown
3. Enter the number corresponding to the deal you want and send it.
4. You will receive a TXT containing the coupon message. Show it to the store employee.

Yesterday I got a free manicure as well as 75% off a full body spray tan and ‘City Sun’!!! So what are you waiting for, why not get ‘Free Scoop @ Van Leeuwen Truck‘ or Free Coffee & Bagel @ Izzy & Nat’s online now!!! 🙂

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