Trying to live the dream but barely making it??? Join the club! After being in New York for over 6 months and just about making it I decided to write a blog on how to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world! A recent graduate from the Emerald Isle, I stupidly believed that once college ended the fun began, I would have money and the freedom to concur the world, little did I know in today’s economy my paycheck would be my meal ticket to survive in the rat race, called New York City! Making on average $350 a week after taxes I  not only felt the pinch but survival skills began to kick in. Never had I looked at the “Free” section on Craigslist or wandered into Jacks 99c store on 40th and Madison. My dream of ‘Making it big in the city’ feels like it has been crushed to ‘BARELY making it in the city’! As a 20 something year old just out of college, I want to share what I have found in the city to not only survive, but to enjoy ‘New York on A Nickel’ 🙂


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