We may be strapped for cash but it doesn’t mean we have to look the part! With New York’s prices most will spend a fortune on looking fabulous… but not us! allows you to book multiple appointments with the click of a button! Not only does this site act as a one stop shop for all your beauty appointments but each one is at a discounted price! We all know that today’s beauty regeme is a complete domino effect! First it starts with the hair, then nails, then your make up , as well as lashes and before you know it your’ve speant an absolute fortune in an effort to look like Kim Kardashian!

Well if that’s the case I have the answer…find hair appointments, waxing, spa’s, manicures, pedicures, massages, etc  by simply logging on to and creating a free log in. From there you have the freedom to view AMAZING offers under each catigories, depending on what you are after!

Like most discount sites you have the ability to refine your search depending on your budget, whether its a haircut for $30 or $90! Prices, reviews and discounts can be compared across the city, to give you the best deals and have you looking fabulous!

Focused on getting all us New Yorkers looking looking beautiful, has definately become my go-to site when I need to beautify myself or simply need some R&R from the craziness that is New York City! 🙂


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